Our vision

Our sustainability mission is simple: A mindful use of our resources. Focus on quality. Value our community. We believe together we can take thoughtful and purposeful steps that add up to monumental change.

Our Approach

This is a collective effort (not a competition)
With the clock ticking, we don't have time for a competitive edge when it comes to sustainability in fashion. We believe in sharing data and supply chain information so that all can collectively benefit.
We promise to be transparent
We are not perfect and we don't claim to be, but we are transparent in our sustainability efforts. We realize that the only way for the consumer to choose better is for them to know better.
We start from within
Sustainability starts with each individual, so our team members take daily steps to be less harmful to the environment - everything from cutting our energy consumption to creating less waste in the design process.
We believe in small steps
When it comes to making change happen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed to the point of inaction. Change must happen, but we firmly believe it’s about manageable steps first, leading to greater action.

Our Plan

JS Group‘s core brand value of sustainability is considered across all facets including design, development, production, packaging, distribution and logistics. At JS Group, our belief is that sustainability is an evolutionary process, not revolutionary. We are choosing to take mindful steps and acknowledge that sustainability is a series of small actions that will eventually lead to grand shifts. As a company and as individuals, we promise to do the most good in our business decisions and hold ourselves, our partners and each other personally accountable.